It only took Dickens six weeks to write A Christmas Carol…

A Halloween Carol has finally reached its conclusion after more than a year and a half. It’s been an interesting and sometimes frustrating experiment in telling a story in a different way and I’m glad to have done it, but I’m also excited to be returning to the short story form.

 Speaking of which, a new short story will be up next week, with more to follow shortly, in the meantime it’d be great to hear your thoughts on the blog. Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the box below.


A Halloween Carol – The End

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A Halloween Carol – Rhetorical

A Halloween Carol – Change

It’s been a Marvelous year.

I find myself thinking of that famous scene in The Time Machine

If you’ve never seen the original film you’ve probably seen it parodied; the brilliant inventor played by Rod Taylor pulls on a, uh, rod, his time machine whirs into action and via the miracle of time-lapse photography we see the world speed up around him. A candle burns down to nothing in seconds, the clock hands whizz about their face, a snail races by, and as the machine speeds up the sun rises and sets and rises again in the blink of an eye.

That’s kind of how the last year has felt. It’s been a great one, the best one, but the pace of events in every area of my life and the sheer distance covered since I started this blog last October has sometimes been dizzying. So much done, so much more to do.

I know that the year coming is going to be no less terrifying, exhilarating, and just plain bloody busy. But I’m determined that this blog will continue to be part of my life, and will continue to develop and flourish as it enters its second year.

In that spirit, and to celebrate this first milestone, Marvelous Reality is moving to its own domain name.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to