Welcome to Marvelous Reality.

Thanks for stopping by, my name’s David Gorman and this is Marvelous Reality, the online home for the poor, monstrous things I create by cack-handedly banging words together. Expect to see short fiction, alternate history projects, the occasional comic and rants insights on cinema, literature and whatever I’ve learnt about earlier that day.

I’m going to be aiming to update here about once a week, in its early stages I expect this blog to shift and evolve as I awkwardly find my feet but will do my very best to update regularly and keep you informed of what’s going on. The first piece will be up tomorrow, in the mean time enjoy some Robert Johnson  and do check out my tumblr page for more things that aren’t mine!

P.S: If you’re reading this by mistake and were looking for the Dave Gorman who is talented and successful he can be found here and also I hate you.


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