A word from our sponsors

I don’t usually post non-creative writing stuff but on Sunday 6th of October I’m going to be running the Royal Parks Half-Marathon and I need your help. I’ll be taking part in this 13.1 mile race through central London in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and I’m asking you, my handsome and generous readers, to help support the excellent and vital work the MS Society does, both in funding research and providing practical support to families affected by this disease.

MS is a disease which damages the myelin sheaths of neurons in the brain, causing a wide variety of physical and mental problems with symptoms ranging from chronic pain and fatigue to loss of sight, reduced mobility and difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Around 100, 000 people in the UK have MS and it can affect anyone at any age, with women more likely to be diagnosed than men. There is currently no cure for MS but innovative research is changing people’s lives by providing more effective treatments and therapies.

To sponsor me and help support a family affected by MS please click here or, to learn more about MS, you can visit the MS Society homepage

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…


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